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Example of Stairlift Installation in East Sussex

Stair Lifts

When stairs start to become an effort, or when you find you face only being able to use half your home. A stair lift could be the perfect solution. Straight or curved stairs are no problem for Only Lifts.

We are able to offer new units, reconditioned units or even one to rent. (Perfect for short term use)

With over 25 years experience, you or your relative are in safe hands.

Liftup Wheelchair Lifts

Lifts From Liftup

Wheelchair access used to mean having clunky, institutional looking lifts.

Our range of wheelchair lifts are customisable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

From 15cm to 1.25 metres, we have the perfect solution.

If you want a lift, that not only meets your personal mobility needs, but also blends in with your building.

Wheel chair lift at st john's college in oxford

Wheelchair Lifts

Platform lifts provide vertical circulation without the need for deep pits, motor rooms or high headroom clearance.

Fully customisable, including the option of full size cabins, there is a solution for every taste and budget.

Available from 2.150 to 13 metres

Airlevator Home Lift

Home Lifts

Modern home lifts offer a great way to future proof your home.

Moving house is no longer necessary, living down stairs a thing of the past.

Whether you require a personal lift, step lift or wheelchair lift. Only Lifts have a solution.

Reliable, safe and compact designs, coupled with great after sales service.

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