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Thyssen Flow 2 – Curved rail stairlifts for inside the home.

This brochure, produced by the manufacturer Thyssen Krupp, shows a range of options available for this very adaptable stair lift. Details of size and rail configurations help you to visualize the stair lift on your stair case. Colour swatches and chair features further show off this beautiful piece of engineering.

Harmar Heavy Duty Stair Lift

The Harmar brochure provides a simple overview of the stair lift that can carry up to 43 stones, not only the highest capacity on the market but also the narrowest profile in terms of space it takes up on the stairs.


The Liftup Flexstep brochure shows an example of the various stages of operation, of this unique wheelchair access product. You will also find highlighted, the clever safety sensors and a brief case study of the Flexstep located at Chritianborg, Copenhagen.


The EasyLift brochure shows some great examples of how complimentary a wheelchair access lift can be. Inside and outside examples have been given.

HDN Lift

The HDN, or Hidden Lift, is a marvel of simple design. The example provided in the brochure is from a high street store.

Meditek Straight Stair Lift

The Meditek brochure offers images of the variants available, for this top quality product. Colour options and dimensions can also be found here.

Stair Trainer by Liftup

The Stair Trainer brochure, details the benefits of an adjustable set of stairs when dealing with rehabilitation therapies.

Elesse Home Lift

The Ellese home lift by Wessex Lifts, is a simple, clean and compact home lift. This brochure gives you a brief overview.

Aritco Platform Lift

This is a large comprehensive brochure about the Aritco lift which is very adaptable. Everything you ever wanted to know about this quality product can be found here.