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At Only Lifts we can offer 3 designs of Home Lift, the Airlevator, the Elesse and the Aritco Platform – Only Lifts

The Airlevator

Only Lifts are pleased to offer and provide after sales support for the revolutionary Airlevator®, “the lift powered by air” ™

Using nothing but air and electric motors, you will find the Airlevator® to be extremely efficient and green. No ropes, no hydraulic oils, a beautifully simple design based on the oldest most basic principles of physics.

Due to the unique design of its drive system, the Airlevator requires no pit, no shaft or machine room. Meaning very little space is required, minimal building work and the ability to fit in existing homes without extensive remodelling.

The simple design and self-supporting structure allow rapid on-site installation times and minimal attachment to the building.

Low energy consumption brings Green credentials, motors only run in the up direction, gravity brings the lift down supported on a vacuum from above and a cushion of air below. No hydraulic oils, risk of leaks, no gearbox oils, no maintenance lubricants, just simple electric motors driving the vacuum generator.

The minimalist design allows for 360° viewing. No cables, cabin doors or drive mechanism to spoil the view.

Power failures are not an issue with the Airlevator®, a battery backup system automatically takes over, lowering you gently to the floor below. Once the power comes back on the Airlevator® automatically resets without the need to call a service engineer. Using the same safety technology of other types of lifts, you can rest assured they are just as safe.

Bringing together all the innovation, design and beautiful simplicity, the Airlevator® is the future-proof solution for the most discerning homeowner.

Airlevator Brochure

Airlevator Home Lift Powered By Air
For more information about the Airlevator please visit the Airlevator Home Lift Website


The Elesse Home Lift

Flexible, free standing personal lift…

An alternative to a traditional stair lift solution, the Elesse leaves the stairs, hall and landing free of obstruction.
The most compact of the home lifts, able to fit tight to a corner or even in an alcove.
Now available in customisable finishes to suit any decor. Safe, easy to use and flexible to suit budget.

Elesse Home Lift Brochure

Wheel chair lift at st john's college in oxford

Aritco Platform Lift

Customisable to provide the ideal solution…

The lift is designed to meet all requirements for quality, safety and service
life. It is a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools,
shops and residential buildings.

Platform: Aritco 7000 is available in 8 different platform sizes. The rated load depends on the platform size.

Travel height: Travel height: 2 150*-13 000 mm.

Cabin walls: Standard wall laminate for machine side is black with small embossed dots. For the other walls, where there are no doors standard laminate is white grey. As an option you can chose from a range of different laminates in different colours. Choose the same colour for all cabin walls or choose one colour for the machine side and another colour for the remaining walls.

Artico Platform Lifts

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