Stair Lifts

Straight Stairs, Curved Stairs, Outdoors and Heavy Duty. We have a variety of Stair Lifts to suit your needs.

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straight stair lifts

Stair lift on straight rail

Thyssen Flow Curved Stairlift

Thyssen Flow Curved Stairlift

Heavy duty mounted stair lift

Heavy duty mounted stair lift

outside external stairlift

Specially Modified External Stairlift

Installing a stair lift is a very cost effective, easy and safe way of securing more independence and contentment at home.
Why waste valuable energy and take needless risks climbing steep stairs unnecessarily when you can use a stair lift.

Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

For homes with a straight flight of stairs, the MediTek straight stairlift is rated up to 25st (160kg), is pleasantly styled, easy to use, and exceptionally durable. Available in a range of styles and colors it will make an attractive addition to any home.

Options Include:

Child Seat

A specially designed seat for children and infants is available; this seat can easily be replace by an adult seat when required

Space Saver Seat

A fabric backed Space Saver Seat – allows additional clearance on narrow staircases.

Seat Height Adjustment

To ensure the lift fits properly and the ride more comfortable, it has been designed with an adjustable seat height facility.

stand and perch stairlift

Stand and Perch Lifts

Available on straight flights only, the Stand and Perch is ideal for anyone who may have difficulty sitting or bending their knees.


External Stairlifts

This specially modified stairlift is suitable for any stairs exposed to the elements, such as gardens or cellars, or any other outdoor location


Heavy Duty Stairlift

For those that require additional carrying capacity the Harmer Pinnacle can accommodate up to 43 stone.

  • Industry-best 600 lbs (43 stone) capacity
  • Up to 40-feet of travel
  • Contoured 25-inch wide seat with extra-high moulded seatback and attractive upholstry
  • Heavy duty seat, arm and foot rest frames
  • Integrated, easy to use constant pressure control switch
  • 90-degree swivel at upper and lower landings


Curved Rail Stairlift

The unique, patented “auto-powered rotating seat” system used on the Thyssen Flow 2, curved Stairlift, allows the lift to fit onto the narrowest of staircases. In theory it is possible to install the Flow onto a set of stairs as narrow as 61cm. The Flow stairlft is often used when a conventional curved stairlift is unable to fit and because of the variable speeds which the lift can achieve, it is also one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides that you can get on a stairlift. Features and benefits of the Flow 2 include:

  • Clean and hassle free installation
  • 2 remote controls
  • Choice of joystick controls
  • Choice of manual and powered swivel seats
  • Different rail colours available
  • Weight capacity of 125 kg (20 stone)
  • Automatic seat rotation whilst travelling
  • Can fit on very narrow staircases

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