Training / Therapy

Injury or Disability

The Liftup Stair Trainer, is a valuable tool in rehabilitating those who have suffered sports injuries, accidents, operations and forced sedentary lifestyle due to illness.

Quick and Safe Rehabilitation

Thanks to our unique Therapy Stair Trainer, it’s now possible to begin rehabilitation at a very early stage. The patented FlexStep™ system makes it possible to begin with very small steps, right down to 2.5 cm. This allows the user to train with increased confidence, without the fear of falling down a long set of stairs.

Stairs – the unique protocol

Climbing stairs forces the body to work against gravity, utilizing muscle stabilizers such as the gluteus medius that often get neglected with other forms of exercise. Training stairs require balancing on and activating one leg for a brief moment in time, before the other leg moves to the next step. Because one of the most difficult movements for those learning to walk again in physical therapy is sloped movement, training stairs are one of the most important tools of the rehabilitation protocol.

Digital Height Adjustment

As the digital display shows the current height, it is possible to recreate the precise position from one session to the next and or chart the progress of the user as they rehabilitate. A simply idea, but one which encourages and motivates the client psychologically.


The stair trainer can be transported along flat surfaces using built in wheels. This means it can be easily stowed away or moved between departments making sharing of resources easier. The stair trainer can pass through an ordinary 90 cm door opening.


The stair trainer is fitted with a robust banister on each side, meaning that the user never needs to fear falling during training. The unit is powered using a low voltage system. The technology is well proven in the field of wheelchair lifts.


The unit is very reliable, however as it is classed as a lifting device an annual service and safety check is recommended to keep it reliable and maintain safety records.

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