Wheelchair Lifts

“Complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of building regulations, is now easier than ever” – Only Lifts

The Miesian Platform Lift

The Miesian is a screw driven vertical platform lift is manufactured using high-quality materials, designed to meet the client’s expectations and provide outstanding performance and aesthetics. It is designed for use in private houses, commercial environments and public buildings.

The Miesian can be installed into an existing shaft or it’s own shaft which is constructed of special, multi-layered steel or glass panels. A maximum of three doors may be installed on each floor either left or right handed. On the upper most level a gate may be used.

It has an aesthetic and modern style and gives a clear uninterrupted view of the surroundings. A uniformly backlit control panel, with a comfortable handle below, contains large buttons with embossed symbols at a convenient height allowing access from sitting or standing positions. In the case of a power failure, the lift will continue to work from a backup supply.

You can make your own variant of the lift by choosing from a wide variety of accessories and options, such as different lighting, door openers and comfort equipment.

The Miesian Platform Lift Brochure


Panova Lift

The Panova Wheelchair Lift, is a novel method to overcoming short sets of steps, in the home or in public spaces, indoors or out. Covering stairs that rise up to 1 metre, the platform lift is discreetly hidden in a pit at the foot of the steps when not in use, so it won’t take up any space or be an obstruction in the stair well. Watch the video.

PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift1
PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift2
PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift3

The Accolade Wheelchair Lift

The Accolade open wheelchair platform lift is an attractive product with clean lines, quiet operation. Requiring no pit the Accolade is compact and is light in appearance. Automated features and careful design make for an ideal solution in demanding environments either at home or the workplace.


Platform size options of 900 x 1400mm, 1000 x 1400mm & 1100 x 1400mm .

Travel height

Travel from 600mm to 3.0 metres.

The Accolade Open Platform Lift_opt

Barduva Wheelchair Lift