Wheelchair Lifts

“Complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of building regulations, is now easier than ever” – Only Lifts

Aritco Platform Lift

Customisable to provide the ideal solution…

The lift is designed to meet all requirements for quality, safety and service life. It is a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools, shops and residential buildings.


Aritco 7000 is available in 8 different platform sizes. The rated load depends on the platform size.

Travel height

Travel height: 2 150*-13 000 mm.

Cabin walls

Standard wall laminate for machine side is black with small embossed dots. For the other walls, where there are no doors standard laminate is white grey. As an option you can chose from a range of different laminates in different colours. Choose the same colour for all cabin walls or choose one colour for the machine side and another colour for the remaining walls.

Aritco Platform Lift Brochure



Panova Lift

The Panova Wheelchair Lift, is a novel method to overcoming short sets of steps, in the home or in public spaces, indoors or out. Covering stairs that rise up to 1 metre, the platform lift is discreetly hidden in a pit at the foot of the steps when not in use, so it won’t take up any space or be an obstruction in the stair well. Watch the video.

PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift1
PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift2
PR9 Cantilever Platform Lift3